Scribble Day

National Scribble Day-March 27, 2020


 I wanted to start off by thanking Mrs. Kyrou, and all the teachers at North Side School in New York, who collaborated to make an amazing scribble display (see below) that inspired “International Scribble Day”! After the Facebook post I made about the idea of “International Scribble Day” I had over 200 teachers that were excited to participate and I couldn’t believe it!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! So I figured I needed to make a form to help stay organized and help spread the word.

National International Scribble Day is based off the book “I’m Not just a Scribble…” by Diane Alber. This book not only has a great moral about kindness and acceptance but also encourages children to create art regardless of their artistic ability! After all, “Great art starts with a Scribble!” Because this is our very first International Scribble Day I will be donating a pack of Scribble stickers to any school that will participate (a sticker pack includes 6 sheets that gives you a total of 288 full faces) If you can try and get your whole school big or small, I will donate 2 packs! I really think having all the grades collaborate and work together will make this day extra special! All I need to know is the name of your school, how many students will be participating and where to send the stickers. I created this simple form to keep things organized and to ensure everyone gets their stickers and stays connected on any updates! Please feel free to share this form with friends and colleagues who might like to join us for this annual celebration of creativity.